Summer time in Finland

It’s summer here in Finland, my favourite season of the year.

Summer time means lots of sunshine – in fact in the north the sun doesn’t set at all for part of the summer. It also means lots of gorgeous fresh berries growing wild in the forests, relaxing next to the lake, and lots and lots of mosquitoes. Seriously insane amounts of mosquitoes!

Summer time also means that Finland essentially shuts down for a month or so. Most Finns take 4 weeks of summer holidays (all at the same time of course), which means that many businesses as well as government services either close down for this period or operate on skeleton staff. Shops and tourist attractions are open, but don’t expect anything else to be.

So, what does all of this have to do with Jacinta Knight Jewellery? Well, summer in Finland is also the season for markets. Which means that it is my busiest time of year. I have been busy making lots of new jewllery to sell at the markets. Matti and I (and our dog Kopi) have also been busy attending markets.

20160320_21912 20160521_22114 20160521_22115

I have also been working on some new animal jewellery designs. My latest design is a moose, which I have made into stud earrings, a pendant and dangle earrings (as of writing this post the dangle earrings have not yet been polished or photographed). All of these are hand made from Argentium® sterling silver. Each moose is individually hand cut from a sheet of silver using a jeweller’s saw.

20160604_22157 20160604_22164

I am planning to make a Finland nature silver jewellery collection which will include the moose design and a few other native animals and plants. At the moment I am working on sketching these new designs. I am hoping to finish a few designs soon so that I can start making the jewellery.

We have plenty more markets coming up this summer, so if you’re in southern Finland check out the Events page for a list of upcoming markets.



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