My first retail stockist !!!

For a few months now Matti and I have been discussing contacting retail stores which may be interested in either selling my jewellery on a commission basis or placing a wholesale order. Matti and I have both spent many hours researching potential shops on the internet (which is not that easy for me given my limited Finnish skills, but I still found a few good leads). Matti and I travelled to Helsinki this weekend with the intention of meeting with one shop owner who we had already contacted via email, and checking out a few more of the shops that we had found in our web searches.

I am soooooo ecstatic to be able to announce that this trip was a success, and a selection of my jewellery is already for sale in Olo-huone! I was so excited to see my jewellery already being put on display while we were still in the shop 🙂

On top of this very exciting news, we also found another shop which is interested in selling my jewellery. It is not currently being stocked (and in fact I need to make some more items first), but hopefully my jewellery will be stocked in another shop within the next week. Stay tuned for further updates …


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