My first ever blog post!

Welcome to Jacinta Knight Jewellery and to my first ever blog post! To get started, here’s a little bit of information about Jacinta Knight Jewellery and about myself.

Since I had my ears pierced (at the age of 28!) I have completely fallen in love with earrings and with jewellery in general. This is why you’ll see so many different earrings in my gallery.

I have always loved being creative and playing with colours. Over the years I have dabbled in painting, drawing, sewing and textile crafts, jewellery making and more. My jewellery ideas were born out of my love of jewellery and experimenting with colour.

I love working with silver (preferably Argentium silver as it is so easy to fuse and harden!), as well as experimenting with colours. I mainly incorporate colour in my jewellery through the use of resin which I tint with various paints, pigments and inks. I also enjoy working with other metals including copper and brass.

Jacinta Knight Jewellery is owned and run jointly by myself and my husband Matti. I design and make all of the jewellery from our home, as well as photographing the jewellery and selling online. Matti assists in many ways including website design and development, marketing, translating listings into Finnish and German, and providing valuable advice as my creative consultant.

Currently my jewellery is available for purchase online through my stores on Etsy, Zibbet and DaWanda (refer to the Where to Buy tab for links to my stores). We also have some markets coming up in November and December 2014 in Heinola and Vaaksy. In the future, I would love to have my jewellery range stocked in some retail stores.

In June 2014 Matti and I moved from the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia to a farm in rural Finland where we are currently living with our dog. We are planning to move to France (somewhere near Marseille) some time next year.

As well as working on my jewellery designs, I am currently taking Finnish classes part-time and am attempting to teach myself French in anticipation of our next move.



  1. Hei Jacinta,

    kirjoitan Sinulle suomeksi, koska englantini on heikkoa. Mattisi varmaan kääntää tämän.

    Ostin Sinulta ihanat viininpunaiset korvakorut Vääksyn urheiluhallin joulumyyjäisistä. Ne ovat olleet korvissani ostohetkestä lähtien. Innostin kolme ystävääni ostamaan itselleen myös samanlaiset, tosin eri väriset ja jotkut taisivat olla sydämen muotoiset. Me kaikki neljä ystävystä pidämme koruistamme kovasti.

    Mietin tässä kovasti, että miten voisin olla avuksesi korujesi markkinoinnissa.

    Toivon Sinulle hyvää uutta vuotta ja lisää uusia verkostoja!


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