Making textured earrings

In this post I want to share with you my beautiful new textured dangle earrings. These dainty earrings feature beautiful raised swirl and floral designs. They are perfect for every day wear or for that special occasion. 

Recently I have been wanting to explore new options for adding texture to silver. I have seen some amazing stainless steel stamping plates and I decided to order some to texture silver for my jewellery. So far I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The designs beautifully detailed and clear when transferred to the silver.

In making these earrings the first step was to cut out the tear drop shape from a sheet of silver with a jeweller’s saw.

Cutting out the earring drops.

The earring drops.

Next, I removed the paper template from the silver and cleaned it, then I annealed (heated) the silver to soften it. 

Annealing the earring drops.

After lightly sanding the earring drops I securely taped them to the texture plate ready to be hammered.

The earring drop securely taped to the texture plate.

Then I hammered the earring drop to transfer the texture to the silver. In this step it is important to evenly hammer the entire piece of silver to ensure that the design is transferred evenly to the surface.

The earring drops after hammering.

Finally I polished the earring drops and attached the earring hooks. 

I love the look of these earrings and I can’t wait to order some more stamping plates!





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