Making stud earrings and dangle earrings

A question I’m often asked is whether I use the animal cut outs from my disc earring or pendant designs to make stud earrings. Unfortunately, the answer is no 🙁

It would be great if I could, but it just doesn’t work that way for a number of reasons including:

  • I have to drill a hole in the disc to insert my saw which means that the animal cut out will have a hole in it.
  • Because of the saw width the cut out piece is always slightly smaller than the hole. This means that narrow parts of the design (tails, legs etc) end up either very thin or completely non-existent.
  • I make small adjustments to designs based on whether I am making a pair of stud earrings or a pair of dangle earrings. For example, the cat design shown in the photos has a slightly wider tail and leg when I make stud earrings than when I cut the design out from a disc. I do this both because the design looks better with these small variations and also because it increases the strength of the jewellery.

However, none of this silver goes to waste. All of the cut outs end up in my scrap silver jar. I sometimes melt the scrap silver into small balls to use in my designs, and the rest of the scrap silver will be sold back to my supplier and turned into new silver wire and sheets.


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