Inspiration from nature

I am lucky enough to live in a very beautiful part of the world. We live on a farm in Finland next to a beautiful and absolutely massive lake. Much of the farm is covered in forest, with a few oat fields in between. All year round the scenery is stunning, and it fascinates me just how much the landscape changes throughout the year. From snow and ice in winter, to fresh berries galore and wild flowers as far as the eye can see in summer.

Much of my inspiration for my jewellery comes from nature, from the landscape around where we live, from places I visit and from pictures. If you look through my photo galleries you will see a large number of different pieces that have been inspired by nature. For some pieces, the link to nature is very obvious, whilst for others you may not even realise that I had been inspired by the world around me.

Today I thought I would share with you how some of my pieces were inspired. The first story is a very simple one, about how I was inspired to create the oak leaf pendant and earrings. In early spring this year I went for a walk outside in the middle of the day to enjoy some sunshine. When I returned home, there was a single orange/brown oak leaf lying on the top step at our front door. Right then, I thought about how gorgeous it would look turned into a pendant, and I picked the leaf up and took it to my desk. There were plenty of other oak leaves lying on the ground, but for some reason I hadn’t really paid much attention to them. That leaf sat on my desk for a few weeks until I finally got around to turning my inspiration into the following pieces:

The next pieces you may not have even realised were inspired by nature. In February/March this year Matti and I traveled to Australia for my brother’s wedding. After the wedding we went on a short road trip up the coast of NSW. During this trip we came across an amazing beach that is covered with stones that people have stacked into piles.

20150228_15860 20150228_15856

The memories of this beach stayed fresh in my mind, and after we returned to Finland became inspiration for the following pieces:


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